June 2013

Rye report


My daughter has FINALLY sent me the photos she took at my last show, just outside Rye, on 13 April. My favourite art collector I exhibited chez close pals Patricia & John, alongside lovely-and-talented painter Hollie Garrett, and considering that it all took place in the worst weather known to man (torrential rain, [...]

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May 2013

Iris and me


As it was a nice day on Tuesday, I drove up to the Château de Vullierens to see the irises. I last went with Nikki B, some 20 or so years ago. Sadly though, as it's been the coldest-May-since-records-began, few of the irises were in flower this time... kaleidoscope iris We had lunch [...]

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Day-trips with Cal-Margaret


California-Margaret has been to stay. It's almost exactly nine years since we last saw her... when this glamorous photo was taken.  Note sunshine. California glamour girl This time, the weather was appalling throughout, except for the day she arrived...but we soldiered on in the spirit of Dunkerque, taking in the sights and fine [...]

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