The purpose of this site is to share my pottery creations with family and friends – and with others who similarly find inspiration and amusement in the animal world. And yes, if you like what you see, I do commissions and regularly sell off work when I run out of space!
Zandra McGillivray

About Zandra

I started working with clay at school, and I’ve continued learning throughout my travels. My studio is now based in a 10th-century château in a small village in the Jura Mountains*, where I’m inspired by the birds and animals that surround me…as well as those further afield. Nature is full of humour. Exaggerated shapes and personalities make me smile.


*Come and stay in our guest rooms at www.chateaudesothonod.com and discover the sources of my inspiration.

Expo au Château de Champdor, du mercredi au dimanche, 15h à 19h, jusqu’au 18 août.

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Getting ready for our next show together @ Château de Champdor 17 July to 18 August

On prépare notre prochaine expo ensemble @ Château de Champdor du 17 juillet au 18 août

Photo: Olivier Fischer

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My next show, along with artist Gary Bayliss, at a stunning venue: the Château de Champdor-Corcelles. Guy will also be showing some of his watercolours.

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I’m really excited about my next show, in the company of talented artist Gary Bayliss, at Espace Aguascalientes in Champagne-en-Valromey (Ain), from 13 to 29 October.
Opening night Friday 13 October (auspicious date 🤩) from 17h.
Bring your friends!

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Tu-Whit and Tu-Whoo
Have been rehearsing all week. But will allow for impromptu too. Because of you-know-whoo.
8.5cm and 9.5cm

#zandrascreations #owl #clay #clayart #whimsicalcreatures #hibou #terrecuite #sculptures


Time flies…

By |September 15th, 2014|Categories: September 2014|

So… summer swept by in a blur of guests, Scottish holidays, and small children. And now comes the time of reckoning. I have a show next weekend and am starting to panic. Do I have enough stock? How much is enough? Will people come? Will they like what they see? Will there be enough to drink? How much is enough. And round and round I go in circles.

The kiln is working full time. Here is what came out of it today. I’m quite pleased.

September's kiln

Fat cats

By |March 27th, 2014|Categories: Spring 2014|

I’m into making fat cats. Could this be something to do with our own, live, specimens I wonder?


Note tiny amount of space left on table…

Note how tolerant we are of tiny amount of space left.

Ho hum.

fat cat sat on mat


By |February 4th, 2014|Categories: Winter 2013|

The last couple of months have passed in a blur… of family, friends, Christmas, kids, snow… and I’ve spent precious little time in my studio. Not that I regret it. Family is heap big fun!

I did make time however to finish a little whippet for my old and very dear friend Sabine. Sabine and I worked together in Paris back in the 70s, where she led me astray on all sorts of escapades. She has always had whippets, hence the choice of beast. (more…)

Delightful Dinard

By |October 30th, 2013|Categories: Autumn 2013|

Well…what to say? My show went well, the venue (18th Century anglican church) was beautiful, the sun shone, the people, if not flocked, certainly flowed, funds were raised and the nightlife was lively.

Too late… you missed it!!

If you’ve never been to Dinard: go! It’s really pretty, loads of charm, on the sea, packed with little art galleries and brocantes, cafés and delicious sea-food restaurants.

Oh to be by the sea

Anyway, back to the show…  It all went off without a hitch: Carolyn had done a great job preparing publicity, food, and drink; Chantal — a seriouly talented local sculptor (www.chantalblanchy.com) who also happens to be my youngest niece Jo’s mother-in-law (still with me?) —  lent me stands; friends Mags, Caroline et al rallyed round to help set up; and Father Gareth let me take over the whole church (to the surprise of many French visitors who couldn’t see the Catholic Church allowing such a thing!) before using me as the subject of his Sunday sermon (graven images? idols?). I came home all fired up (hoho). It’s a huge confidence boost when total strangers admire your work.

holy sheep



people actually turn up!


total strangers

Would I do it again? You bet!







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