/July 2012

July 2012



Mimilee takes great interest in what comes out of my kiln. The black sheep is still warm...and sets off her own fine white coat to great effect. They sit companionably on the old stone wall and commune. Mimilee and the black sheep


Branching out…


my little house of herbs lighting the way I thought I'd make some practical stuff for a change: a little house-pot for planting herbs in (or 'erbs for any N. Americans reading this ;-)), some candle-sticks... Good fun to make, but my other half says 'stick to quirky animals'. I may [...]

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The Tour de France strikes


Great excitement in our tiny hamlet last Wednesday when the Tour de France came through. Preparations started early: the road surface was redone, verges were cut, campervans parked, tricolors unfurled and tensions mounted as contradictory road-closure notices were posted at each end of our col. (The mairie was unable to clarify...) Flashing gendarmes [...]

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