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A pig in clover

01 Feb 2013 / in January 2013

I’m very into pigs at the moment… I had to look at hundreds of images to make sure I got nose, ears, tail in the right place, but I’m quite pleased with my first effort. It’s taken me AGES to glaze it because grand-daughters, Christmas and New Year intervened. But I think he may become […]

Devon surprise

24 Oct 2012 / in October

House guests to entertain, a surprise birthday in Devon (a surprise for my husband, that is), and various other odds and sods have prevented me from filling up the kiln. But I have an accumulation of pieces drying and should be able to get to it soon.

The blue azure…

28 Sep 2012 / in September 2012

Just back from a couple of weeks in northern Greece, ‘en famille’. My grand-daughters took to the azure seas like the proverbial ducks. The Greeks were as welcoming as ever, the sun shone, the praying mantis prayed, the beaches were empty, the tavernas full, and the ouzo plentiful… Tickles, giggles and ice-cream were the order […]

Olympic hippo…not!

07 Aug 2012 / in August 2012

As I write this, the Olympics are on in the background and I keep having to break off to see what new prowess is being achieved. (Team GB is on FIRE!) As a result, the hippo I am working on is making no progress at all. And I CANNOT get the head  right. Grrr. So […]


26 Jul 2012 / in July 2012

Mimilee takes great interest in what comes out of my kiln. The black sheep is still warm…and sets off her own fine white coat to great effect. They sit companionably on the old stone wall and commune.

Branching out…

19 Jul 2012 / in July 2012

I thought I’d make some practical stuff for a change: a little house-pot for planting herbs in (or ‘erbs for any N. Americans reading this ;-)), some candle-sticks… Good fun to make, but my other half says ‘stick to quirky animals’. I may or may not take heed.

The Tour de France strikes

16 Jul 2012 / in July 2012

Great excitement in our tiny hamlet last Wednesday when the Tour de France came through. Preparations started early: the road surface was redone, verges were cut, campervans parked, tricolors unfurled and tensions mounted as contradictory road-closure notices were posted at each end of our col. (The mairie was unable to clarify…) The big day dawned […]

“The artist at work”

12 Jun 2012 / in June 2012

I commissioned daughter Lauren to take some photos of me for this website… and the result is brilliant, if I say so myself. She is so damned talented that girl: she’ll go far! If anyone needs a photographic portrait done, for a website, blog, birthday invitation, or just to hang on the wall, she’s your […]


21 May 2012 / in May 2012

  Not creating a whole hellova lot at the moment… My grand-daughters are on a prolonged visit and discovering the world anew through their eyes is constantly fascinating and hugely time-wasting! I did, however, manage to finish a penguin before their arrival, although the cold, damp weather means the clay is taking an age to […]

The scale of things

07 May 2012 / in May 2012

Since launching my site properly last week, I’ve received so many lovely emails, full of kind words and encouragement…you know who you are. One point Peter made: you can’t tell the scale of my sheep… Yep, I know, I should add measurements to all the photos…but I haven’t yet got round to it. Not enough […]