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Next stop: Rye

04 Apr 2013 / in events

Just survived a hectic few weeks of visitors (friends and family and friends of family), serious bouts of chickenpox for the little ones, and the construction of a new conservatory (the previous one collapsed under the weight of this winter’s snow), which has laid waste to my garden. Ugh. I’m now busy preparing for my […]


19 Apr 2012 / in events

Happy to say my sheep have gone to a good home


19 Apr 2012 / in events

The show went brilliantly and am still on a complete high. Got lots of compliments, made lots of sales, some commissions, maybe other shows…oh it’s all tooo thrilling. Fame and fortune beckon?? I could have sold my horse and penguin many times over.

It’s party time…almost

10 Apr 2012 / in events

Looked at the guest list for the vernissage (opening night  on 12 April) and decide I have nothing smart enough to wear. A panicked dash to the shops yielded a little greenish number.  Hope I still like it on Thursday.

pre-show nerves

09 Apr 2012 / in events

Right…I’ve selected pieces to take up to Paris, listed them, priced them and am now busy packing them up. This is the boring bit. Hope and pray ears and noses don’t fall off in transit.

Paris Show in April

05 Apr 2012 / in events

Busy preparing new pieces for my Paris show on 12-14 April. Just loaded up the kiln and, in doing so, broke a toe off my new badger. Aargh, shouldn’t have rushed it. Will have to glue it back once fired.